Saturday, January 21, 2012

Trip Report: Sapte Scari Canyon, Piatra Mare Mountains

After a few months with week-ends spent on the motorcycle, I really need it a walk in the mountains. Not too near, not too far, not too easy, not too hard, The Seven Ladders Canyon was the perfect choice. It took us 2 hours to get there from the Dambu Morii Chalet. I was very pleased to see so many young people and kids on the way up. Because the temperature was below O0 Celsius, there was some snow and some ice, as you can see in the photos. 

Well equipped, we followed the trail through the forest up to 980 meters. The canyon is located in the middle-western part of the Piatra Mare Mountains, on the Seven Ladders River. The trail in the forest follows and blends with the river path.

Once you reach the bottom of the ladders, you can choose between climbing up or going back. For us, there was no doubt that we must climb, even if it was a bit cold and kind of icy :)… Beware, the ladder is slippery!

These are the greatest and the most spectacular gorges of the whole Piatra Mare Mountains. Their length is 160 meters with a level difference of 58 meters. The first ladder, going upwards, has a height of 8 meters, followed by another 8 ladders. The longest one has a height of about 12 meters.

Some of the ladders were broken, but still we could pass by easy. 

 The water makes spectacular cascades in the hill.

These are footprints made by humans that passed by during the years. I was very impressed by those. 

From the top, then follow the red sign to go back home.

GPS coordinates: 
- altitude 45.57174101356545
- longitude 25.698468399047897

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