Saturday, June 19, 2010

Your favorite touristic destination

Let's say someone wants to visit Romania, but he/she doesn't have any clue about what's worth visiting here. What would you recommend him/her to visit in Romania? Vote for you favorite city, your favorite touristic destination in Romania.

Any better recommendation? Comment on this post and let us know about it :)

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ella said...

My favorites are the Iezer Mountains and their Ranca Resort.
The landscape is breathtaking both in summer and winter, the guest houses are great and the hosts really welcoming.
You can do everything you like, from skiing to sleigh riding, snowboarding and barbeques.
You can enjoy a romantic getaway or a weekend escapade with your friends, if you like. Anything is allowed!
The prices are affordable and the services are great.
I have some lovely pictures with the scenery, if you want to see them.

ella said...

Of course, no visit to Romania would be complete without admiring the landscape along the Danube bank and staying in one of the motels in the area.
The perfect blend between the strength of the mountains and the crystal clear waters, the possibility to go fishing, boat riding or hiking whenever you feel like it and taste the delicious traditional dishes upon your return, everything is out there waiting to make your vacation unforgettable.
And when you get tired of peace and wilderness, you can always get a taste of the nightlife in the nearby cities, Severin, Orsova or Moldova Noua.
Just give it a try!

Mihai said...

Great to hear about your favorites areas in Romania. I know pretty much the Iezer Mountains area - quite wild I would say. I have no idea about the Danube bank area, but I'm looking forward to seeing pictures from there, maybe some more details, stories.

And great to hear you are willing to contribute with pictures. Please send an e-mail to