Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Macin Mountains - From Pricopanu to Greci

After years of waiting this trip, i'm glad to introduce you to the oldest (and shortest) mountains in Romania - the Macin Mountains. They are hercinic mountains, which appeared in the same time as the Scottish Vosgi Mountains. Initialy they were 3000 meters tall. Now their tallest pick - Greci, are under 500 meters.

It's pretty easy to get there, we choosed a way from Bucharest to Macin village, by a special microbus we found somewhere near the Basarab train station. From the village there's only 5 kilometres to the camping place.
We expected, in this trip, to see nice sights for low effort and to meet some of the amazingly rich flora and fauna of the area: turtles, bugs, snakes, foxes, eagles, lizzards, ground squirrels etc. And we did meet, most of them. Very interesting place to visit.
Important advice: beware of snakes and of your water supplies. There are only few springs, not all of them are good to drink from and the water tastes pretty bad in most of them.

Ok, let's roll!

Locust. One of the 40 pieces who dwelled on my tent that night.

wild mint field.

View from Pricopanu top.

stone flowers

There will be natives watching you! Beware! This guy is not poisonous, but it's evil cousin, the horned viper, living wright in the neighbourhood is.

View from an old granit qarry.

Those rocks are called dwarves because of their shape.

A species of fluffy grass. In the area there's also a tree called "fluffy oak", but i don't have a picture of it. sorry :d

old rocks - old bones

here's a "spitting cricket" specimen, this one is a baby, grown ups are about twice larger (about a thumb).

One of the many turtles we've found on the road.

Greci village coming up soon. Very good news, as we've ran out of water.

the white guardian, waiting for us tu begin our supper.

Being an "animal friendly person" is definitely a must in the area :)

Wild peonies on Greci summit.

View from Greci/ Tutuiatu summit (467 m)They say you cand see Ukraine from there and also the Danube and part of it's delta.

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