Saturday, May 22, 2010

George Enescu

Today I received a mail from my brother. Suprize! It was not one of those stupid jokes that are exchanged via e-mail. Ok, what else?

Here's the story: he went for a Thursday after work beer into a classic rock pub in Bucharest. Here, two guys playing Romanian classical music using one electric violin and one acoustic guitar. He got impressed to tears (exaggerating a little bit, but close to that) when he discovered once again the music of the greatest Romanian composer: George Enescu.  So he thought it might be a good idea to share it with the community.

I did some checks and indeed it is worth sharing. His work is really great! If you have the patience to listen to it all the way to the end you will see (hear, in fact) what I mean.

Inspired from Romanian folk music and, probably, most popular compositions of George Enescu: Romanian Rhapsodies (1901-2) Enjoy!

A good starting point to get more information about Gerge Enescu[1] and the classical music festival held in his memoriam every second year in Bucharest[2]. Next edition between 1 - 25 September 2011


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