Monday, April 13, 2009

Spiritual life in Bucovina

Everywhere you look in Bucovina you will find a church. In Radauti, the city i started my trip from, i myself have visited 6 churches, and i have a feeling that was not all. There were some orthodoxe ones, a romano-catholic one, a greek-catholic, russian-ukrainian one and one of the "lipoveni" - another minority of Romania. Not to forget the sinagogue. Here they come (some of them, of course):

Daniil Sihastrul Cell - this is the cell of a monk. it was carved in stone through 11 years by this man. And it looks like this. One man's hard work, turning a rock into his house.

Dragos Voda Monastery - the oldest in Romania, this church was made in wood in the 14'th century. It's really something to see 700 years old oak.

Putna - Peace and quiet

Putna - monasteries around here look like fortresses. That's because of the many turkish and mongolic attacks the people of this area suffered.

Putna - a window

Putna - an outside view

Bogdana Monastery - Radauti


carstic2000 said...

Felicitari pentru articol,daca ar fi si o varianta in romana ar fi extraordinar.

Mihai said...

@carstic2000 Nu va exista o varianta in limba romana. Scopul principal al site-ului este acela de a promova imaginea Romaniei in randul strainilor.