Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pestera Muierilor - open for public

Pestera Muierilor - the cave was called like that because of the women hidding in it during the many wars we had with the Ottomans and even during the two World Wars. I can't imagine how it was for them to improvise a living in here, as it is very cold and dark. They for sure had no electric light. Well, i hope none of us will have such experiences for the future.

Other pieces of Romanian underground

Pestera Muierilor - as i hope you can see, this is a very well decorated cave. it also has this rock organon you could play if left alone in here for too long. However, try to keep it down, don't be too noisy or you'll wake up the bats that live on the dark corridors.

Ciucas rocks!

The Ciucas Mountains - These rocks are shaped like that because of the wind that won't stop blowing up there. And also because of some material properties of the stone they're made of. Summer is a great time for going to the mountains as you can enjoy a great variety of flowers. i like the blue one in particular. :)