Monday, August 18, 2008

Ciucas - the green zone

Ciucas Mountains - These mountains are very easy to climb. They are not very rocky mountains, so you have plenty of room to enjoy nature and landscapes. These are great mountains for those who want to relax outdoors and not get too tired. The area is also easy to reach by car from Bucharest, this is another advantage.

Trip to Ciucas Mountains

Ciucas Mountains - ..can offer you some nice views once you-re on top of them. You can get there by car, from Bucharest on DN 1, through Ploiesti, Valenii de Munte, up to Cheia village. You can stop at the Red Mountain lodge for accommodation and... start hiking.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Another one about Romania..

This is a good one though. It's the blog of the LP writer responsible for Romania&Moldova. Nice..

We are not perfect but we are on the good way. Lots of progress since his last trip to Romania. That makes me happy enough for this day :) Check his last post at