Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bucharest's traffic

Today I want to talk you about a Romanian site. It is called Why I publicize their site? I don't know exactly why I'm doing this. Maybe because of the infernal Bucharest traffic jams.

Let me tell you the short story. The Bucharest's traffic sucks. You can spend like 1.5h for 10km. There are multiple causes: the number of cars have increased each year because the growing wealth of Romanian citizens, the Bucharest infrastructure is not able to support the 1million cars that are running through the city each day (they work on this - slowly, but they do = Good), the traffic lights are not well synchronized (the authorities don't have a plan on this as in other cities like Pitesti for example = Bad Bad), the development of industrial parks in a limited area of Bucharest(I heard this will be changed soon = Ok). Maybe there are other issues on this, but I am not an expert. What I can tell you is the everyone in Bucharest is complaining about traffic. Almost every conversation I hear is about traffic jams and the amount of time people had to spend commuting to their workplace (the necessary amount of time have doubled in the last 4-5 years)

Ok. So haw is the traffic related to this site? I'm pretty sure you'll not understand anything from their site because it is Romanian. Maybe you can get something from their video but let me tell you their idea. The traffic being so awful people spend a lot of time commuting (like 3h a day) This way you get less time for your personal activities. The business is like this: they do the "daily" shoppings for you so you can have more free time for yourself and you pay 5% of your shopping cart. They get your order at a traffic light, they transmit the information to their stuff 3 traffic lights away and those ones will buy and deliver your order because the cars are moving so slow. I think their idea is nice :)

Hello beloved authorities. Anybody there? Do something with the traffic everybody is talking about..

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