Saturday, March 29, 2008

Romania's Image Abroad

One of the few positive articles about Romania in the international press.

It's written in late 2006. Lots of things have been improved since then..
One thing is to be mentioned at least: there are direct flight from U.S to Romania offered by Delta Airlines

Just have a look. Maybe it's worth it.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Romania - What The Hell Happened

There's a nice show on travel channel. Last week I had the chance to watch one of its episodes. It surprised me a little bit and incited me to dig about this show..

So.. the show is not a conventional one because I watched 2 more episodes to see what is it all about. I like his approach but he had a lot of bad luck in Romania and he had a really bad plan to follow..

Now to get an image what we are talking about.. Here you can watch his show on YouTube:

Look on this over 1000 comments he got on his blog. This is something..

What do you think ? Is this the real Romania or he only had a really bad experience in Romania ? Have you ever been to Romania ? What was you experience ?

I'm very curious about your opinion because we, the Romanians, like to think that we are very welcoming and very kind but it seems to me that this is not reality every time.

P.S Hope the Romanian authorities will understand we need some real promotion here and we need to present Romania as it is not as we want it to be seen. The very "touristic" places in Romania are not that nice. I tell you there are lots of neat places in Romania that wait for you to discover.

P.P.S Hope you will have a better experience in Romania. I did for sure:

Monday, March 10, 2008

Snagov, Bucharest - From Otopeni to Bucharest

Snagov, Bucharest - On the way back to Bucharest

Snagov, Romania - Romanian countryside

Snagov, Bucharest - Relaxing......

Snagov, Bucharest - Lake close-up

Snagov, Bucharest - Bye bye Snagov

Snagov, Bucharest - There were some people actually sleeping in a tent although it was quite freezing..

Snagov, Bucharest - Nice shot..

Snagov, Bucharest - Lake & Forrest

Snagov, Bucharest - Snagov Lake in winter

Snagov, Bucharest - General view over the Lake Snagov. It's quite large in my opinion. I don't know the details.

Snagov, Bucharest - Some restaurants here and the resort

Snagov, Bucharest - Some restaurants here and the resort

Snagov, Bucharest - View from the Snagov Resort. It is much nicer in summer.. Neat during winter. It's good for a 2h trip :)

Snagov, Bucharest - Snagov forrest

Snagov, Bucharest - On the way to Snagov

Snagov in Winter

In the next few photos I will show you some photos from a trip around Bucharest (mainly Snagov). Snagov it is a popular holiday resort on the shores of Snagov lake. Many people come here on weekends during summer because it is very easy to reach from Bucharest. This is the perfect place to relax. You can have a barbecue, you can swim and have sunbaths. For the old people it's nice to drink a good beer and listen to some good music.

For the moment I will present you only a short preview because I've been there in February and the place is not very welcoming this time of the year..

Enjoy :)