Friday, December 12, 2008

Food trends in Romania

Here's an image I shoot in a Romanian farmer's market. In fact is the farmer's market that's taking place every day in my neighborhood. In every city/town there are several like this one. People come here, expose their merchandise..and negotiate for the whole day. They sell everything from tasty and healthy food to flowers and all sort of small gadgets.. you know, like in a real farmer's market. Romania is one of the few countries I know that runs these kind of markets every day of the week. And I am glad I can buy healthy, organic food at a decent price..

..whenever I want. The downside of the Romanian "new society" is that I/we don't care so much about healthy food. Or at least I think so because everybody is buying the nice looking, not so healthy food from the supermarkets. If you want to go in a supermarket to buy just a six-pack and some snacks in a Saturday afternoon or in any other evening, you will end up spending whole 2 hours "running" in the supermarket to get your products and pay them. It is so crowded that you feel like being in a car jam on the highway.. The supermarket and the fast-food trend is very successful these days. Or at least I think so. The great advantage we have compared with other countries is that we still have alternatives.. farmer's markets.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Poiana marului - a place to rest

Poiana Marului - This is an artificial lake, in Caras Severin county. It's placed on some low, mild mountains, at 500 meters height. I liked the colours very much, that-s why i made this pictures. I went there for a one day trip, to have some rest in the middle of nature.

Around the lake you can see the old marks of where the water stood. The lake was larger and it covered this rocks you see in this image. Walking around the lake is actually walking on its bottom. It-s very interesting to see.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pestera Muierilor - open for public

Pestera Muierilor - the cave was called like that because of the women hidding in it during the many wars we had with the Ottomans and even during the two World Wars. I can't imagine how it was for them to improvise a living in here, as it is very cold and dark. They for sure had no electric light. Well, i hope none of us will have such experiences for the future.

Other pieces of Romanian underground

Pestera Muierilor - as i hope you can see, this is a very well decorated cave. it also has this rock organon you could play if left alone in here for too long. However, try to keep it down, don't be too noisy or you'll wake up the bats that live on the dark corridors.

Ciucas rocks!

The Ciucas Mountains - These rocks are shaped like that because of the wind that won't stop blowing up there. And also because of some material properties of the stone they're made of. Summer is a great time for going to the mountains as you can enjoy a great variety of flowers. i like the blue one in particular. :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Ciucas - the green zone

Ciucas Mountains - These mountains are very easy to climb. They are not very rocky mountains, so you have plenty of room to enjoy nature and landscapes. These are great mountains for those who want to relax outdoors and not get too tired. The area is also easy to reach by car from Bucharest, this is another advantage.

Trip to Ciucas Mountains

Ciucas Mountains - ..can offer you some nice views once you-re on top of them. You can get there by car, from Bucharest on DN 1, through Ploiesti, Valenii de Munte, up to Cheia village. You can stop at the Red Mountain lodge for accommodation and... start hiking.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Another one about Romania..

This is a good one though. It's the blog of the LP writer responsible for Romania&Moldova. Nice..

We are not perfect but we are on the good way. Lots of progress since his last trip to Romania. That makes me happy enough for this day :) Check his last post at

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sigisoara: 25th-27th July 2008

Sighisoara - Time of festival.. This year the festival is taking place between 25th-27th July

View over the crowds Close to the birthplace of Vlad Tepes (known as Vlad The Impaler)

Sighisoara mood

Sighisoara - Chill out mood during festival.

Sighisoara - Medieval Festival

Sighisoara - Body painting. One of the many activities people perform for a small amount of money. Other activities: handcrafting all sort of things, kissing, singing..

By tradition this is a fetival of freedom. It is a "make love, not war" atmosphere that reminds me about Woodstock. Ok.. maybe not like that, but you get the point.

Sighisoara - Clock Tower

Sighisoara - Clock Tower

Sighisoara - Panorama

Sighisoara - View from the clock tower

Sighisoara - Medieval Festival

Sighisoara - Very nice medieval town in the heart of Romania. A medieval festival is heal here each summer. Lots of people, concerts, beer .. culture, art :) Everything you need is here

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Parang Mountains - Views

Parang Mountains - rainbow

Another view from our window:

Parang Mountains IV - Polovragi

A little orchard on the side of the road...
At Polovragi, you can see a small monastery and a cave.
To get to cave, you have to go along Oltetul's Gorges (Cheile Oltetului)
Inside the cave:

Parang Mountains III - Pestera Muierii

Around the entrance of the cave. Translated, the cave's name is Women's Cave.


Parang Mountains - II

A small climb to the peak Parangul Mare (translated that would be The Big Parang)

The resort, now left behind...

and the mountain peak, up ahead.

Parang Mountains - I

On the way to Ranca - a pretty new mountain resort judging by the number of hotels that were under construction. We had the nice surprise to see that those snowy mountains were our window view .... we took many pictures of them.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Danube Delta - Beautifful

(c) Cristinica. All rights reserved

Danube Delta - Typical scenery. This is nice indeed :)

Danube Delta

(c) Cristinica. All rights reserved

Danube Delta - You can hide (from the sun rays) but you can't run (there is water everywhere)

Danube Detal Chanels

(c) Cristinica. All rights reserved

Danube Delta - Through the channels..

Danube Delta - Boats

(c) Cristinica. All rights reserved

Danube Delta - Boats are going up and down the river all day long

Danube Delta - Fisherman

(c) Cristinica. All rights reserved

Danube Delta - Fisherman (most probably a tourist)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bistrita - Turnul Dogarilor

(c) Cristinica. All rights reserved

Bistrita - Turnul Dogarilor

Bistrita - Street View

(c) Cristinica. All rights reserved

Bistrita - Sreet view in residential area