Sunday, October 28, 2007

Transfagarasan !!

Transfagarasan - The Sky Is The Limit :)

Transfagarasan - There is snow everywhere although we were driving at the beginning of September :) Take care..

Transfagarasan - Waterfalls

Transfagarasan - The Road

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Transfagarasan - View over Transylvania

Transfagarasan - Balea Lake ZZ.. Foggy weather here.. It's over 2000m.

Transfagarasan - Final step before crossing the road to Transylvania (we cross the Fagaras Mountains from South to North)

Transfagarasan - View from the sky over the Fagaras Mountains


Transfagarasan - European Roads

Transfagarasan - Romanian car..DACIA-Renault Logan in action

Transfagarasan - Fagaras Mountains :)

Transfagarasan - Fagaras Mountains :)

Transfagarasan - Capra Falls

Transfagarasan - Fagaras Mountains :) Arges County

Transfagarasan - Nive view from the Transfagarasan :)

Transfagarasan - The second attempt

Transfagarasan 2

Hello Hello..

This is a perfect day for a photo-day.

The weather is cloudy and the feeling is like staying home and play with the pictures :) Let me remember how was the second day in Fagaras Mountins

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Still to come..

Soon.. Transfagarasan 2

The second attempt to drive through this nice and lovely road :)
View over Transylvania, view over Balea Lake :)

Transfagarasan - Nice..

Transfagarasan - Capra Falls view from Capra Chalet

Transfagarasan - The Road

Transfagarasan - Lonely Shepard

Transfagarasan - Capra Falls

Transfagarasan - Some motorcyclists try their luck

Transfagarasan - So we get back to the cottage..

Transfagarasan - Winter Scenery (although it's September)

Transfagarasan - Someone has died here :(

Transfagarasan - At this point cars can not go anymore..

Transfagarasan - And it's snowing a lot..

Transfagarasan - But it's snowing

Transfagarasan - The first attempt to get to the top :)

Transfagarasan - The Road

Transfagarasan - Vidraru Dam

Transfagarasan - View over Arges Valley

Transfagarasan - Freedom

Transfagarasan - Nice villages, sceneries on the way to the TOP of Romania :)
Transfagarasan is the highest road in Romania (over 2000m)

Transfagarasan - On the road again..

Transfagarasan - Pitesti -> Curtea de Arges road