Friday, August 24, 2007

Brasov - Rasnov Fortress. Bye Bye Rasnov.. Nice image :)

Brasov - Rasnov Fortress. Now you can turn the lights off..

Brasov - Rasnov Fortress. The Piatra Craiului Mountains in the background.

Brasov - Rasnov Fortress. View over the Rasnov village :)

Brasov - Rasnov Fortress. View over the Rasnov village

Brasov - Rasnov Fortress. People were actually living here when the village was under siege.

Brasov - Rasnov Fortress. Details..

Brasov - Rasnov Fortress. Cultures and traditions.. Street inside the fortress..

Brasov - Rasnov Fortress. View over the interior courtyard.

Brasov - Rasnov Fortress. Entrance gate.

Brasov - Rasnov Fortress. Implementation details - friends know what I am talking about :)

Brasov - Rasnov Fortress. Interior courtyard view.

Brasov - Rasnov Fortress. Defensive structures..

Brasov - Rasnov Fortress. Ruins..

Brasov - Rasnov Fortress. Let's get inside..

Brasov - Rasnov Fortress. In the external courtyard you can practise archery. It is very neat but you have to pay some extra Euros.

Brasov - Rasnov Fortress. Welcome to Rasnov !

Rasnov Fortress

In the next few post I will present you one well preserved medieval fortress in the heart of Romania, located in the nearby of Brasov. It is also situated very close to The Bran Castle, Dracula's Summer Residence :) It's about Rasnov Fortress. Here you can enjoy some great moments for only 3Euros. For this small amount of money you can visit a local museum thus became part of the Romanian medieval culture.. I will let the images speak for themselves.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Piatra Craiului - Views.. Piatra Craiului. It was GREAT ! :) Nice view, good relaxation :)

Piatra Craiului - Views.. on the way back

Piatra Craiului - Views.. Nice flowers in the forest :)

Piatra Craiului - Views.. Final view over the Fagaras Mountain. Now let;s go back to the base :)

Piatra Craiului - Views.. The TOP :) We didn't make there unfortunately :( Maybe next year :)

The Wall

Piatra Craiului - Views.. The cliffs

Piatra Craiului - Views.. To the peaks of the mountain..

Piatra Craiului - Views.. Pathway..

Piatra Craiului - Views.. Ober the Fagaras Moutnain Range
Very nice colors here. My camera is not that good unfortunately.

Piatra Craiului - Views..

Piatra Craiului - Views..

Piatra Craiului - Refugiul Diana 1510m Altitude. From time to time you will find timetables that show you the distance to several destinations.

Piatra Craiului - Refugiul Diana

Piatra Craiului - Refugiul Diana. This is one place where you can spend your night on the mountain for free in the case of a necessity. It looks quite nice. People gather here and have a fire camp, sing the guitars..


Piatra Craiului - Plaiul Foii

Piatra Craiului - Plaiu Foii Before you get to the top of the mountain you will follow the signs through a very dense forest. If you go in autumn you will see very nice colors here :)

Piatra Craiului - Plaiu Foii Finally we arrive at Plaiu Foii, the cottage where we can start hiking. What you see in background is the Piatra Craiului Mountain :) Nice and impressive.

Piatra Craiului - Zarnesti Nice picture, you girl :) Congratulations :) Send me the picture if you can find it :)

The road is long..

Piatra Craiului - Zarnesti Not that long.. But it is nice :) From Bucharest it takes like 3h drive. The road is good in general. Only the last 20km from Zarnesti to Plaiul Foii are country roads and require special attention from the driver.

Long time no see..

I was quite busy lately so I didn't have much time for this blog..

Considering that I plan to go to Fagaras Mountains this September and I was surfing through may last year photos, I want to recommend you to go to Piatra Craiului-Fagras Mopuntain if you have some free time to spend. It is really nice and you could have a wonderful vacation there. At least we had last year when we went in a 1 day trip to "Refugiul Diana" in Piatra Craiului Mountains. It was not very relaxing because the time was short but the images there are really nice.

Next.. Piatra Craiului..the northern part :)