Saturday, June 30, 2007

Falticeni - Suceava.. sunset after long day trip

Bistrita River - Suceava

Bicaz Lake - Neamt :) Really nice shot :) I would like to go here this summer :)

Ceahlau Mountain - Neamt. Ceahlau Mountain and Bicaz Lake area

Bicaz Dam - Neamt. One of the nicest dams in Romania.

Bicaz Dam - Neamt. One of the nicest dams in Romania. Here you can see some nice landscapes that you won't find anywhere else :)

Bicaz Dam - Neamt. Bistrita River

Ceahlau Mountain - Neamt. Cliffs in the Ceahlau Mountain

Falticeni - Suceava. Water Museum

Targu Ocna - Bacau. City Hall :)

Ceahlau Mountain - Neamt. Winter scenery

Hangu - Neamt. Nice view over Ceahlau Mountains, Bicaz Lake area :)

Hangu - Neamt. Here I am.. on the road again :)

Secu - Neamt. Frozen River

Secu - Neamt. Winter scenery

Horaita - Neamt. Winter scenery

Horaita - Neamt. Winter scenery

Monday, June 18, 2007

Monasteries - Sucevita Monastery

Monasteries - Sucevita Monastery

Monasteries - Sucevita Monastery. Very well known by its paintings..

Monasteries - Putna Monastery. "Stefan cel Mare" painting.

Monasteries - Putna Monastery. Here is the tomb of "Stefan cel Mare"

Monasteries - Slatina Monastery (Suceava)

Monasteries - Varatec Monastery

Monasteries - Varatec Monastery

Monasteries - Secu Monastery. Really nice surroundings here :)

Monasteries - Neamt Monastery

Monasteries - Pangarati (Neamt) A two floors church in the nearby of Piatra Neamt

Monasteries - Barsana (Maramures)

Monsateries - Barsana (Maramures)


Photos from Moldavian monasteries.. These represent one of the main attractions for Moldavia's visitors.. (c) Mihplaesu

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Bran - Sunset over the Rucar-Bran mountain pass

Bran - Rucar-Bran Road between Brasov and Campulung Muscel. This mountain pass was very important since the medieval times where people used to road for trading goods. Nowadays this region is very appreciated by tourists because of its natural beauties and historical background. Here you can visit the Bran castle, one of Romania's landmarks

Sibiu - This nice view was taken over the Balea Waterfall situated on one of the most beautiful roads in Romania: Transfagarasan Road (see Roads label). People have a nice motel here where they can spend the night on the way from Sibiu to Pitesti or Bucharest. Take care that is quite expensive here, I believe :P

Sinaia - View from the Cota2000 :) I forgot to tell you that you can reach this place by a cable car. So it's easy to get here even for those who are lazy :P

Sinaia - Cota2000 Motel. You can sleep here for a small amount of money(20 euros). The scenery is very nice here and you can have some relaxing moments in fresh air (2000m altitude).

Sinaia - Cota2000. Very nice image in the Bucegi Mountains (Prahova County)

Babadag - Tulcea.. Muslim church in a small town in Tulcea County

Constanta - Casino.. One of the representative landmarks in Constanta and in Romania also. It is situated right on the sea front very close to the aquarium museum.

Very close to this place you can see the local history+archeology museum and an old Muslim church. I hope I will get some pictures from there because it's really nice. You can climb to the top of this church and have a very nice view over the harbor front

A new series of pictures from Mihplaesu (All rights reserved)

Constanta - Fisherman. One of the many people relaxing on the Black Sea shore..having a moment of silence after a hard day work :)

Constanta is one of the main ports of the Black Sea. It's considered a very important city from the point of view of goods trading. Constanta also offers some very nice attractions and a nice beach. Mamaia, one of it's neighborhoods, is considered one of the most beautiful and luxurious resorts on the Black Sea coast. Here you have all sorts of tourist's attractions but we will talk about this later..