Saturday, April 21, 2007

Use The Labels

I need to remind you that for a good session of surfing you should use those labels in the right of the main page and then follow the links to the older posts from the same label category.

This thing with the labels came to my mind just after those guys from google updated their blogger platform to version 2.0 So..not all the pictures are labeled, but most of them. Hopefully I will label all in a few weeks

P.S Don't forget to leave comment wether you like or dislike something to help me improving my work :) Enjoy :)


Unknown said...

Nice blog, Mihai

You've posted some pretty pics. I recently read a post by someone who visited Bucharest twice - first on business, then on vacation. His story and pictures made me want to see it for myself :)


Mihai said...

Hope you'll enjoy Romania :)