Saturday, April 21, 2007

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Here you can find some really nice photos from Romania.
Just take a look.
Is seems that this site has a great success on

Romania is my country :)

Monday, April 16, 2007

Costinesti - Enjoy The Black Sea :)

Costinesti - Black Sea

Costinesti - Black Sea

Costinesti - We have 4 more pictures and we are done :) These pictures are all about the Black Sea's atmosphere :) So..Black Sea only :)

Costinesti - People on the beach..relaxing.. I can tell you that the sand is great :)

Costinesti - Playing volleyball :)

Costinesti - You've been to White Horse, You've been to Costinesti.. See you.. (next year maybe)

Costinesti - White Horse, a nice bar where you can listen to good old music. Almost every evening there is a concert here. For free :) The only thing you have to do is to buy one or two beers from the bar and you'll have a wonderful time

Costinesti - Going to White Horse..

Costinesti - Rooms for students..good atmosphere here :)

Costinesti - Walking alley

Costinesti - View from the restaurant I used to eat at :)

Costinesti - One Shopping Street in Costinesti

Costinesti - Blake Sea

Costinesti - Black Sea is not so black, isn't it ? Cristal :)

Costinesti - Another swimming session in the evening..

Costonesti - Taking a good sun bath..

Costinesti - Finally a sunny day

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Costinesti - "Obeliscul" - day view :)

Costinesti - "Obeliscul" = The other symbol of Costinesti.. night view

Costinesti - Late in the night.. a beer and a live open-air concert.. The concert is for free :) One beer is 1$(students' beer), 2$(a good one) including taxes :)

Costinesti - A final evening bath.. wow.. I like this kind of activities. I can tell you that water was like 24-25C :)

Costinesti - Wild Wild :D

Costinesti - A walk is good for your health..
(I couldn't decide which of these two pictures is more appropriate so I put them both)

Costinesti - A walk is good for your health..

Costinesti - Still on the beach.. enjoy the view..

Costinesti - It's evening, it's time to relax :)

Monday, April 09, 2007

Costinesti - What are you thinking about ?

Costinesti - A rainbow :) Lucky me :)

Costinesti - The Wreak



Costinesti - Let's have a better look at the sea and at the atmosphere here. In background is sitting for a long period of time the wreak: one of the two symbols of Costinesti. The other one is the Obelix (you'll see it later)

Costinesti - ..and still having fun

Costinesti - ..and still having fun :)

Costinesti: Lots of people waiting for the sun..

Costinesti: alley for those who prefer not to walk on the sand during the evening airing

Costinesti: A first approach.. A not so sunny day as you may see..

Costinesti: So.. Do you want me to take you for a tour ? :D

Monday, April 02, 2007

Costinesti, Blak Sea

I think you had enough with this autumn pictures. The summer comes..
It's time for something fun :) This week I will post some photos from Costinesti.

Costinesti is a really nice place on the Black Sea border. This is very well known by its night-out life. There are many clubs and bars opened until late in the morning. Here you can find different styles of music, tasty cocktails and of course very beautiful girls to dance with :) It is considered to be the "young's resort" in Romania. So if you want to have some fun and you feel you are still young enough this is the perfect place for you to go this summer.