Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cozia Mountains - Really nice this path.. :)
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Cozia Mountains !

Cozia Mountains - Freedom

Cozia Mountains - Colors

Cozia Mountains - Monastery. This is not Cozia Monastery !

Cozia Mountains - Colors

Cozia Mountains - A little bourn :)

Cozia Mountains - Another smart man :) You know what am I talking about, don't you ?

Cozia Mountains - Nice peak

Cozia Mountains, Valcea

Here comes a new series of pictures taken by Marius Smarandoiu.

This time it is about colors. The beautiful autumn colors from Cozia Mountains.
As far as I know this mountains offer great sceneries. They are not very high, but they are really hard to climb. The access is very difficult there, if you want to reach the top of the mountains.

In any case.. With not a big effort you can see some beautiful sceneries and the the Cozia monastery (there is a picture with the monastery in the archive). To get here you have to follow the Sibiu - Pitesti road (one of the most important roads in Romania). In the region of Valcea (at half of the total distance) you will find these mountains.

So..keep in mind..The next 9 pictures are copyrighted by (c)Marius Smarandoiu

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Cacova - Really nice landscape here. Nice colors..Very relaxing..
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Cacova - Smart man the one who builds his house here, isn't he ? :))

Cacova - Another good picture. I think it's really nice to sit here on the grass and relax.. Just so.. Nothing to do for the job and nothing to visit..just admire the landscape

Cacova - Great image here..

Cacova - Tourists get forward to the mountain

Cacova - Some children

Cacova - Alleyway in the village

Cacova - Some "saint place" in the middle of the village

Cacova - A first approach..

Friday, March 16, 2007

Cacova, Sibiu

I would like to thank Marius from Sibiu for the next set of pictures.

These pictures were taken in the Cacova village in Cindrel Mountains region (around 20km from Sibiu)

Maybe these area is not as touristic as The Prahova Valley, but I think you can see here some really beautiful pictures with a regular Romanian village..

So..keep in mind..The next 9 pictures are copyrighted by (c)Marius Smarandoiu