Sunday, January 14, 2007

Giurgiu..Let's get started

Giurgiu is situated 60Km south from Bucharest. It is situated at the Bulgarian border on the bank of The Danube.

Two months ago I went on a trip to see how it is like. It's a beautiful town. It's ok :) And people seemed to me very friendly. The Danube is cool.. You may find here a port, but it is not a touristic port.

There is a project that tries to build a canal that links The Danube and Bucharest (between the Dambovita River-Arges River and the Danube) This way.. Bucharest would become one of the 5th European capitals that have direct access to the Danube. For the moment the 4 European capitals that Danube is cutting through are Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Belgrade. I hope that this project will be finished in the next 10-20 years. I hope Bucharest will have a very nice touristic port that :) Keep on dreaming..

Now.. let's get back to reality. Let's post some pictures from Giurgiu and from the journey to Giurgiu

Enjoy :)

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GIURGIU said...

Giurgiu is an old citadel, probably built around XII - th century by romanian king Mircea the Old. There are proofs that romans had here a "castrum" for defending thier teritory and their cargo.
Before the comunist era , the city was known as the Sun City, because of the way roads were connect, in such logic that they all met at the center of the town were there was a observation tower and a beautifull garden "Center Garden". In the comunist era the city's architectural unique buildins were distroied, isted were built flats. Gardens disspeard as well, the only one survived is "Alei public Garden". In giurgiu you can visit: The firs train station in Romania; The center clock tower and the historycal center; Municipal "Teohari Antonescu" History Mueum; Alei Garden - historical garden; First curve bridge in the world; Fluvial Train station; Giurgiu Bay; The Danube; The danube's unique islads; and many many other interesting turistic points!