Friday, January 26, 2007

The Danube.. Last image in Giurgiu..

Here..An old restaurant
In the background..our European neighbors, the Bulgarians

Fisherman.. Here you can spend some time to relax :) The atmosphere is quite and pretty nice :)

Giurgiu.. A short walk to The Danube

Monday, January 15, 2007

Giurgiu.. Flowers in autumn (October)

Giurgiu.. Nice church in the town center

Giurgiu.. General view.. An interesting tower

Giurgiu.. Museum

Giurgiu's town hall

"Dunarea" Stadium

Same park.. Some statues representing national heroes, soldiers/generals who died for Romania.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Giurgiu - "Alei Garden" one really nice park

A first approach..

The main point of transit between Romania and Bulgaria.. This road has a lot of "commercial traffic" :) Driving on this road is quite relaxing. It takes only 40 min to get to Giurgiu from Bucharest if you're legally driving :)

On the road again..

This is what we're talking about..

Giurgiu..Let's get started

Giurgiu is situated 60Km south from Bucharest. It is situated at the Bulgarian border on the bank of The Danube.

Two months ago I went on a trip to see how it is like. It's a beautiful town. It's ok :) And people seemed to me very friendly. The Danube is cool.. You may find here a port, but it is not a touristic port.

There is a project that tries to build a canal that links The Danube and Bucharest (between the Dambovita River-Arges River and the Danube) This way.. Bucharest would become one of the 5th European capitals that have direct access to the Danube. For the moment the 4 European capitals that Danube is cutting through are Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Belgrade. I hope that this project will be finished in the next 10-20 years. I hope Bucharest will have a very nice touristic port that :) Keep on dreaming..

Now.. let's get back to reality. Let's post some pictures from Giurgiu and from the journey to Giurgiu

Enjoy :)

Here I am..

You may have wondered why is this lack of activity here ? Why isn't anybody here ?

I'm here. I didn't find enough time for the blog and I don't have many new pictures from Romania. I have some new ones from Bucharest but I believe you have seen enough pictures from Bucharest lately. I don't want you to get bored.

The most important facts that happened through out this period of time:
- Romania is part of the EU starting January 1st 2007
- Sibiu-Hermannstadt is The European Capital of Culture in 2007 together with Luxembourg

We'll talk a little bit more later about each one and about other interesting things that may happen in the next month


First of all I would like you to wish you a very good year :)

All the best things happen to you :)

God bless !