Monday, November 20, 2006

Topics from 192 countries

" I wonder if people from 192 countries across the Globe cooperate to write one blog.
Different people, culture, society, politics, products, service...
Only one person for One Country ! One Photo for One Story ! "

Great idea :)
This is great :) Lots of people.. lots of ideas.. different cultures :) Get to know more about each of the 192 countries :)

Ciucas ROCKS :)

1954m Ciucas Peak - A new perspective :)

On the way to the Ciucas Peak..

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A photo that makes me feel good :) Don't know why..but I appreciate it a lot :)

Colors of Romania.. On the path to the Ciucas Peak :)

Colors of October

Ciucas Mountains in background

The Road :) Not many words to say.. Just enjoy..
As you may notice..Romania succeeded in improving roads quality :) We are on the good way :)

What's next ? CIUCAS

Ciucas Mountain..
Enjoy this very beautiful region.. It is only 2h driving from Bucharest and it offers you great sightseeings :) Let's get to work :)