Sunday, May 28, 2006

Not many pictures from Pitesti.. huh.. ?

That's because I forgot my camera in Bucharest and I don't have very good quality pictures. Those two I considered that look good on the site. I have more pics but I don't want to publish quantity..but quality. I promise to put more pics from Pitesti in less than a mounth

If you like this town you shuld have a look HERE This a new site in the bloggers comunity. There are some pictures with Pitesti here..


gabriela said...

Buna Mihai!
Hmmm, ce mica e lumea ! eu tot din Pitesti sunt.
Vad ca esti student asa ca bafta in stresiune!

Mihai said...

Buna Gabriela..tot din Pitesti
E o singura problema aici.. E un site 100% in engleza si ar fi bine daca ar intzelge si altii ce vorbim noi pe aici ;)