Friday, May 12, 2006

Mountain sculpture.. representing Romanian ancestor (king of the dacians)


Smokey McPot said...

Wallachia. Where is the damn place anway? I heard it is the birthplace of Dracula but I don't see him in your photos. Whatever happened to the poor guy anyway? Was he really a vampire?

Mihai said...

As I promised in a previous post I'll try to be sincere.. I don't know very much about Dracula. I have never seen a movie about it :) And I'll tell you for sure: there's a lot more things to do in Romania than visiting Dracula's Castle or something like that..
Here is a link where I believe you can find out more about the real Dracula

Just for the record.. Romania has 4 big regions : Wallachia, Moldavia, Dobrogea and Transylvania (
It is said that Dracula lived in the territory of Transylvania.. As I said.. I don't know much about him :D