Sunday, January 08, 2006

Back.. to Azuga. Just for the record, if you're interested, you can rent a room with around 10euro/night :)

And another one :)

One more look...

Portrait - Bucegi Mountains

Bucegi Mountains

Some mountains..

In the background - The Brasov region

Heaven is a place on earth :)
In the background you can see The BUCEGI Mountains :)

A Happy Family :)

AZUGA - down there !

The more we were climbing, the colder it was.. Brrrr

Frozen Trees :D

Winter scene.. Stay here to see more !!!

This is how we got there..

In the next post I'll show you some great sceneries, panoramas. I like them a lot and i hope it will be a pleasure for you to watch them. The pictures are taken from the top of the ski slope..

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Ski-slope in the night !

Azuga - Another image of Azuga :)

Azuga - The great river from Azuga. Hi hi.. hi

Azuga - First image of Azuga: one ski-slope. I don't know how many slopes are here. I saw at least 2 of them. This is the SORICA slope.

Bucegi Mountains - We finally succeeded. We see the "light", I mean the mountains

Prahova - We're getting closer..

Prhova - .. and closer

Dambovita County - This is a journey to Azuga. Azuga is a ski-resort in the heart of the Bucegi Mountains.. You'll see. This is great. 1st image from the road to Sinaia

Dambovita County - Not so much snow as we expected for this period of year..

Happy new year !

I want to wish you all the best for the new year.
Take your time and enjoy Romania. It is simply surprising !