Monday, November 20, 2006

Topics from 192 countries

" I wonder if people from 192 countries across the Globe cooperate to write one blog.
Different people, culture, society, politics, products, service...
Only one person for One Country ! One Photo for One Story ! "

Great idea :)
This is great :) Lots of people.. lots of ideas.. different cultures :) Get to know more about each of the 192 countries :)

Ciucas ROCKS :)

1954m Ciucas Peak - A new perspective :)

On the way to the Ciucas Peak..

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A photo that makes me feel good :) Don't know why..but I appreciate it a lot :)

Colors of Romania.. On the path to the Ciucas Peak :)

Colors of October

Ciucas Mountains in background

The Road :) Not many words to say.. Just enjoy..
As you may notice..Romania succeeded in improving roads quality :) We are on the good way :)

What's next ? CIUCAS

Ciucas Mountain..
Enjoy this very beautiful region.. It is only 2h driving from Bucharest and it offers you great sightseeings :) Let's get to work :)

Monday, October 23, 2006

I don't think Wikipedia needs any recomendation.. :)

But I want to remind you that this site is a good place to start searching infos, news about Romania. I like it 'cause it has a good structure :)

All the best for the moment !

P.S Pictures from Ciucas Mountains..soon :)

Relaxing view in the Botanique Garden :) Now have a rest :)

Wlcome to the jungle.. :)) Joke :P
Thre is still hope for a green Bucharest :)

Le jardain botanique du Bucharest :)

Same Stadium.. Another view..
The 3 best football clubs in Romania are still in the competitions..
Steaua Bucharest in the groups of UEFA CL
Rapid Bucharest in the groups of UEFA Cup
Dinamo Bucharest in the groups of UEFA Cup

Lia Manoliu Stadium - The Biggest Stadium in Romania. 60000 places :)

"In the getho.. " Just kidding.. It's just a bad in the central area ;))

One nice house in the old city center :) I like it :)

Another one..

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Old city center..a church

Bucharest.. Downtown..Drinking a beer :)

One step at a time

Probably you are bored with all those pictures from Bucharest...
You want something elese.. You want more..
Don't worry ! There will be many pictures from the mountains..

But one step at a time. Now let's put on the site a few more pics from Bucharest.
Let me remind you that Bucharest is tha capital of Romania :P In Bucharest live more than 2.5mil people, including me :) In september "Le sommet de la francophonie" took place here.. It was really an event.. And Bucharest was really prepared for that event.. Many lights.. great atmospheare.. But I didn't have time to takepictures :) Maby next time :)

Ok.. let's get to work

Friday, October 06, 2006

Andreeeeeeei PAVEL !

This is our HERO !

10q Andrei

Romania beat South Korea with 3-1 after a very difficult game. Andrei Pavel and Horia Tecau gained 1 point in the double confrontation. Andrei Pavel won the 2 single games he played. Although I won't bore you with score detailsand game facts I will tell you that there was a great atmospheare..supporters encouraged our boys all the time during the game :) It was a very pleasant day :)

Romania - South Korea (Davis CUP)

The BCR Tenis Arena is located in a very nice zone.. :)

There are 2 main tenis events in Romania : BCR Open Romania, a tennis tournament from the ATP World Series circuit and Davis CUP. Both of them took place in September.

This is an image from BCR Open 2006: Carlos Moya defeted our local favourite Andrei Pavel.

The winner of this year competition is the Austrian Jurgen MELZER who defetead Filippo VOLANDRI (ITA) in the final. During the award ceremony held by Nadia Comaneci, Melzer received from the organizers the cheque of 44.100 Euro

Eroilor Statue :) (Eroilor Square)

Hanu Manuc - Is this picture great or what ? ;))

Hanu Manuc - Hotel, Restaurant in Old Town (City Center). It not that I present it tu you as an advertisment but I think this is a nice place to go for a drink during your city-tour

Hanu Manuc - Medieval atmospheare in Old Town

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Victoriei Way ! You should walk on this street.. There's a lot to see here.. :)

CEC Building on Voictoriei Way. This is situated right across the National Museum of History on the Victoriei Way. It is really nice..

Narrow streets.. a passage from Victoriei Way to the Old Town.. in the city-center

The Police Headquarters on Victoriei Way

BRD Bank

National Bank of Romania

Another image with the Cismigiu Park: the lake. In winter there are lots of people who are ice skating on this lake :)

There are many beautifull parks in Bucharest. This is one of them: "Cismigiu Park". This is park is a very good place to have a rest while you visit the city. It's main advantage is that it is situated in the city-center.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

New Blogger Version !

Today it's the day that Google upgraded the software for my blog :)
What does this mean ? For you.. nothing important. For me.. i belive it will make my the blog better. You will have the possibility to select post by labels. Each post will have some labels corespoding to its subject. I think this is the best part in this upgrade. It will be some more options for news aggregators..RSS, feeds, stuff..

Enjoy !

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Atheneum !

.. and another interesting building - St Sava College

.. with some interesting buildings ..

Just one regular street..

Monday, August 28, 2006

St Nicolae Church

The Lutheran Church

St Iosef Church (romano-catholic)

The Architeture's House :D

Monument in the revolution Square

The revolution Square

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Novotel Hotel - Victoriei Way

The Odeon Theatre - Victoriei Way

Some sort of a military museum - Victoriei Way

Second-hand Bookshop in the "University Square" - great atmospheare here.. lots of students

Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies - "Romana Square"