Thursday, October 27, 2005

Transfagarasan - Throughout this journey we will cross the Fagaras Mountains on a very touristic road: "The Transfagarasanul" If you will ever arrive to Romania I recomand you visiting this road from Sibiu to Pitesti. Take care that the road is closed from Octomber to March or April due to the snow. The highest point of road is about 6500 ft (2000m) tall. Here you may see very beautiful landscapes in the middle of the mountains without no effort. The car does the entire job for you. The major point of interest here is the Balea Lake and the high peaks which sourround tha lake. In the nearby of the lake there are the highest peak in Romania: Moldoveanu Peak 8350 ft (2545m) and Negoiu Peak 8315 ft (2535m). These peaks may be reached only by foot.

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