Friday, October 28, 2005

Arges - Sunset near "Curtea de Arges"

Arges - Village in Arges county on the Arges Valley (september)

Remember this part because we will return here with another occasion and with more photos !!! I have a sentimental preference for this region :)

Transfagarasan - Vidraru Baragge on Arges River

Transfagarasan - The Vidraru Lake (accumulation) on the Arges River

Transfagarasan - Enjoy it !

Transfagarasan - No more words !! To beautiful to be real !

Transfagarasan - A real pleasure..

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Transfagarasan - ..Fagaras Mountains

Transfagarasan - You may feel scared or afraid driving on this road :) But don't be ! The road is safe ! And it is a real pleasure driving in such place

Transfagarasan - Here is the border between the Sibiu county and the Arges county. From now on we'll see the second half of the Transfagarasan: The Arges Valley

Transfagarasan - Balea Lake !

Transfagarasan - The Road !!! Isn't it beautiful ?

Transfagarasan - Part of Balea Waterfall

Transfagarasan - View on Transylvania land ! Somewhere near Sibiu !

Transfagarasan - The Balea Waterfall !

Transfagarasan - A lot of forrest

Transfagarasan - The beginning of the road from Transylvania side

Transfagarasan - Throughout this journey we will cross the Fagaras Mountains on a very touristic road: "The Transfagarasanul" If you will ever arrive to Romania I recomand you visiting this road from Sibiu to Pitesti. Take care that the road is closed from Octomber to March or April due to the snow. The highest point of road is about 6500 ft (2000m) tall. Here you may see very beautiful landscapes in the middle of the mountains without no effort. The car does the entire job for you. The major point of interest here is the Balea Lake and the high peaks which sourround tha lake. In the nearby of the lake there are the highest peak in Romania: Moldoveanu Peak 8350 ft (2545m) and Negoiu Peak 8315 ft (2535m). These peaks may be reached only by foot.

Transfagarasan - The Fagaras Mountains in deepth field.

Transfagarasan - People working the land !

Transfagarasan - And now let's move on. On the way throug the Arges Valley

Olt Valey - The Road (c)Cristina.All rights reserved.

Olt Valey - The Road (c)Cristina.All rights reserved.

Olt Valey - The Road (c)Cristina.All rights reserved.

Olt Valley - Some pictures presenting the journey (all made from car )
(c) Cristina. All rights reserved.

To have a better understanding..

From time to time I will post pictures that don't belong to me. The only reson I do that is that I don't have enough fotos from that place and I want you to have a better understanding about how Romania really looks like. For all those fotos I have an agreement with the author and I will specify the author's name and the copirights

Olt Valley - Landscape view from the monasterie. Bad luck because it was a cloudy weather

Olt Valley - The Olt Rriver through the Cozia Mountains

Olt Valley - The Cozia Monastery is one of the main point of interest besides the beautiful landscape you may see in the Olt Valley The monastery was build in the 14th centuy by "Mircea cel Batran" This place is very crowded in weekends due to the tourists who come to see the monastery and that's why I don't have many fotos from here. Maybe with another ocasion.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Olt Valley and The Arges Valley

In the next few posts i will show you the valleys of two of the main rivers in Romania. One of tha main important roads in Romania is the Paneuropean Coridor IV that links Budapesata - Bucharest - Sofia and then further. The "Olt Valley"
is part of this Coridor so if you will come to Romania by car it is very probabily to arrive in this place.
Maybe I should mention that all the pictures are made this year on a weekend journey from Pitesti to Sibiu.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Bucegi Mountains - Flowers here and there..

Bucegi Mountains - "Poiana Stanii"

Bucegi Mountains !!!

Bucegi Mountains - National Park

Bucegi Mountains - Really beautiful :)

Bucegi Mountains - Waterfall

Bucegi Mountains !

Bucegi Mountains !

Bucegi Mountains !

Beautiful landscapes

Bucegi Mountains - In the next few posts I will present you some beautiful landscapes from the Bucegi mountains. I think it is not important to present you the name of each location beacause the only important think is that these landscapes can be seen in Bucegi Mountains, in Romania. Enjoy it !

Bucegi Mountains - The Sphinx !

Bucegi Mountains - Busteni resort viewed from the Caraiman peak

Bucegi Mountains - "Babele monument" again

Bucegi Mountains - "The cross of heroes" monument

Bucegi Mountains - "Babele" monument !

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Bucegi Mountains - From Busteni resort you can take a "funiculaire" to reach Babele or you can climb the mountains to different peaks

Bucegi Mountains - The trees have beautiful colors in autumn. Enjoy the nature !

Bucegi Mountains - This is the Caraiman peak. A big cros stands on it in the memory of our heroes. The cross is about 75m high if I remember it well

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Bucegi Mountains

Firstly I will present you some pictures from Bucegi. This is the place where most people from Bucharest prefer to go in winter for skying and snowboarding during winter. These mountains are preaty close to our main city, Bucharest. But let's get in the bussiness and start with the pictures. I will tell you more later..

Romania - Images everywhere

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